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As part of our commercial construction services, Sweitzer offers initial consultations on the feasibility of your project.

We can assist you in designing and creating plans of your own and we offer competitive pricing on architectural or engineering services through our partners. Our general contractor services fall into three categories: Design-Build, Competitive Bid or Construction Management.

Project Delivery Process

Sweitzer offers a fully integrated, streamlined, project delivery process.
Through all stages of construction, teams coalesce and unify around a shared objective: successful project delivery.

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The design team takes the idea and helps bring it to life. The end result will align with the client’s desires, be feasible, and be within the budgetary restrictions for the project.

Customer input is key throughout all stages of the design and construction process.

Our partners (architects, engineers, mechanical and security contractors and plumbers and electricians) know how to work together, and with our customers, to provide seamless services throughout construction.

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Prior to design, we hand-select the project team. This team gets together to clarify the vision, share expertise and suggestions, and make decisions together. The team will use their expertise to maximize value and increase efficiency, looking for ways to constantly improve the project throughout construction."    Brian Sweitzer, Project Manager



Our preferred method of project delivery, design-build, allows us to do more than look at a set of plans and submit pricing. Design-build streamlines project delivery under a single contract. This saves money and time by transforming the relationship between designers, builders, and owners into a collaborative alliance. We bring practical construction experience that is made part of the architectural and engineering plans that are required for commercial construction.

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As design-build contractors, we work with you before plans are drawn to help develop a feasible project. We listen to your ideas, conduct site visits to analyze locations, and estimate project budgets. We also represent customers in pre-construction interactions
with local and state permitting authorities.
  Michael Sweitzer, Project Manager

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Competitive Bid

In the competitive bid method, an architect is hired to design the project in its entirety - creating plans and specifications, identifying all project parameters, and compiling those into Construction Documents. These documents are then sent to construction companies to price out the cost of delivering the plans and specs.

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As part of our bid, we determine potential savings without compromising the integrity of the project. We will present you with a competitive quote while providing the highest quality work...that’s our value engineering guarantee.  Patricia Sweitzer, Operations Manager

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Construction Management

In the construction management method, the Construction Manager, or CM, is selected early in the process to promote efficient design, to estimate costs, and to oversee construction. As CM, Sweitzer Construction will work with you and your internal team to recruit and select subcontractors and suppliers and to offer the knowledge and skill of a general contractor during construction. We will oversee the project scope, schedule, cost
and quality of work.

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